ideal IDM synchronizes personnel information defined in human resources applications with Active Directory and your other applications.

ideal Solution for Identity Management

The personnel information obtained from the application used in your Human Resources department is used to automatically populate all user and group accounts on Active Directory with ideal IDM.

Applications without integration with Active Directory are also synchronized, enabling access to all applications with a single user code and password.

What is ideal IDM?

Ideal IDM synchronizes personnel information and information system authorizations defined in Human Resources applications with the Active Directory (AD) system and other applications.


Human Resources (HR) applications with the Active Directory (AD) system, as well as other applications are integrated to enhance the management of information system permissions.

Authority Groups

Employees are identified in the authorization groups they belong to.


Credentials of employees defined in HR applications are synchronized with the Active Directory system and other applications.


All user accounts are automatically created. All accounts of employees who leave company are automatically closed.

An IT person with ideals

Our IT people. They spend unnecessary amount of time on nonfunctioning office id cards, projectors, and sometimes printers not printing instead of working on security holes or developing a new software.

Don't they deserve more?

How Does ideal IDM Work?

Once HR professionals enter employee data into relevant human resources information system, ideal IDM automatically synchronizes this information with Active Directory and other 3rd party applications.

HR professionals define or update employee data in the HR information system used.
Scans for new, updated or leaving employees, automatically updates AD records.
User records are automatically updated in all integrated applications.
Logs of all transactions are monitored instantly via Dashboard reports.

How Should the Identity Life-Cycle Be?

In Identity Management

ideal Solution

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Fatih Cem ATALI
Deputy General Manager of Technological Services
We have successfully implemented our "Ideal IDM Central Identity Management" product that is developed with great effort of our team of experts in the domain, in some of the largest organizations in Türkiye with the highest number of employees. We are proud to be able to offer a better solution with the ideal IDM as compared to existing global players.

10+ Year

Experience in global IDM solutions

20+ Year

Expertise in software and integration projects
ideal IDM

Why is it needed?​


How long does it take for new employees’ accounts to be created and authorizations to be defined? How long does take for them to start active work in all applications they are supposed to use?

Role Change

If an employee’s role changes, can you automatically switch their authorization in the applications used?
ideal IDM

Why is it needed?

Identity Life Cycle

Employee Offboarding

When an employee leaves the job, how long does it take to remove their accounts / authorizations from all the applications used?

Substitute Assignment

Does the person appointed to a position as substitute automatically have all the powers of the position he/she is assigned?
ideal for Productivity Security Compliance Customization


Thanks to powerful API support, ideal IDM offers easy integration with 3rd party and in-house developed custom applications.

It shortens the integration time with its ready connectors. It responds to special integration needs with its Custom Connector capabilities.

Do you need a special integration for you?


Companies that increase their productivity by using the ideal IDM

Beyçelik Gestamp Inc., carrying its successes in the Turkish automotive subsidiary metal sector to a global scale, is an establishment preferred by the main industries due to its innovative approach and investments that include the latest technologies. Being among the leaders of its sector, Beyçelik Gestamp Inc. chose the ideal IDM for identity and authority management solution.

Born in Türkiye and achieving its goal of becoming a global brand, DeFacto carries out its identity management with the ideal IDM while bringing its quality and original designs that embrace innovation and renewal as its corporate culture to consumers all over the world.

Migros, one of the leaders of Turkish retailing, provides reporting and self-service password management in compliance with regulations and quality standards with the ideal IDM.

Çalık Holding, which leads important projects in the field of Construction and Energy in Türkiye and the region, chose IDM for automation in user and group management with.

LC Waikiki, one of the largest clothing brands in Türkiye and Europe, chose IDM, which is ideal for its employees' identity management, standards compliance reporting and self-service password management.


You can find answers to your questions by reviewing our content where we explain how you can manage your employees’ digital identities end-to-end.

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