ideal IDM synchronizes personnel information defined in human resources applications with Active Directory and your other applications.


Companies that increase their productivity by using the ideal IDM

Beyçelik Gestamp Inc., carrying its successes in the Turkish automotive subsidiary metal sector to a global scale, is an establishment preferred by the main industries due to its innovative approach and investments that include the latest technologies. Being among the leaders of its sector, Beyçelik Gestamp Inc. chose the ideal IDM for identity and authority management solution.

Born in Türkiye and achieving its goal of becoming a global brand, DeFacto carries out its identity management with the ideal IDM while bringing its quality and original designs that embrace innovation and renewal as its corporate culture to consumers all over the world.

Migros, one of the leaders of Turkish retailing, provides reporting and self-service password management in compliance with regulations and quality standards with the ideal IDM.

Çalık Holding, which leads important projects in the field of Construction and Energy in Türkiye and the region, chose IDM for automation in user and group management with.

LC Waikiki, one of the largest clothing brands in Türkiye and Europe, chose IDM, which is ideal for its employees' identity management, standards compliance reporting and self-service password management.

Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik prefers ideal IDM in all identity management processes such as digital management of user identities and authorizations of employees and external resources.

Çanakkale Highway Inc. Thanks to the capabilities of the ideal Self-Service Password Management application, employees can easily reset their passwords and unlock their accounts without needing help desk support.

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