ideal IDM synchronizes personnel information defined in human resources applications with Active Directory and your other applications.


The ideal IDM has an easily understandable and accessible price policy.

Active Sync

It is designed to automatically create, update and deactivate the personnel data managed in Human Resources applications within the Microsoft Active Directory server in the corporate data center.

Exchange Sync

It is designed to create a user mailbox within the standard policies and rules set on Microsoft Exhange Server running at the customer location.

App Sync

It is designed to automatically create users on Active Directory on organization applications that do not have Active Directory integration.

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ideal Password Reset

It is designed to enable end users to securely reset Active Directory (AD) domain passwords and unlock their accounts without help desk support. It consists of a web-based user password reset and management module that provides self-service password management for end users. It is also integrated to your OTP devices for SMS verification method with registered mobile phone number.


It is designed for user requests such as defining a new user, updating user information, defining a new group, assigning a user to a group, requesting to be included in the group, requesting authorizations, assigning application licenses according to roles, etc. via web from.

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