ideal IDM synchronizes personnel information defined in human resources applications with Active Directory and your other applications.

Compliance and Governance

Manage your employees' identity lifecycle in accordance with your company policies and industry standards, leveraging the governance features offered by the ideal Identity Management (IDM) solution.

Define the right individuals, at the right time intervals, with the right permissions, ensuring compliance with KVKK and information security audits, and maximizing compliance with ISO 27001/2 processes.

Key governance features of the ideal IDM:

Establish Identity Management Policies

Define your business's identity management policies and customize them to meet your requirements. Define rules for user accounts, access levels, and roles.

Manage User Roles and Permissions

Define user roles and determine the permissions associated with these roles. Manage authorization centrally.

Perform Automatic Authorization Audits and Monitor Approval Processes

Audit user permissions with built-in discrepancy reports in the ideal IDM. Track discrepancies between role-based permissions in a single report and reduce security vulnerabilities.

Conduct Risk Assessments

Monitor authorization risks and logs by establishing warning mechanisms. Be prepared for situations that could create security vulnerabilities.

Audit and Monitor Compliance

Prepare for audits by determining compliance criteria with your company policies and industry standards.

What does the ideal IDM provide for compliance?

Contact us to learn how to manage user identity and authorization management in compliance with industry standards such as BDDK, ISO 27001/2, NERC-CIP-CIS!

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